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Forest Lane is an idea built by husband and wife team, Lyndon and Liv Sheehan.


Inspired by their adventures and with the help of a few simple tools and one beautiful Whisky toned hide, the essence of Forest Lane was born.


Built on a passion to create products that live and breathe adventure and inspire the endless pursuit to explore.

At Forest Lane, we believe in creating long lasting, durable products that age with grace – and are all the better because of it.  


Our thoughtful and timeless designs are skillfully crafted in our Mount Maunganui studio where all designs start with the careful selection of quality materials.


Forest Lane conveys a sense of embarking into modern exploration in all aspects of life.


Pursue your adventure.



We are passionate about being hands-on and believe a quality product starts with quality materials.


 All our products are made in New Zealand at our Mount Maunganui studio using as many locally sourced material as possible including only the best leather from New Zealand tanneries who are passionate about what they do.


From start to finish the process is well thought out and this is reflected in the products we create and that you will love and wear for a lifetime.


Each piece has its own journey from start to finish, and you become a part of its story.


Our native New Zealand forests are something we value at Forest Lane. So we have collaborated with ‘Trees that Count’ and for every product sold a portion will go towards donating and planting native New Zealand trees through this amazing project.

By purchasing a product from Forest Lane, you will be helping us counter the effects of deforestation, build awareness of the impact of ‘fast fashion’ and make a more beautiful New Zealand.

Trees are an important resource to the sustainability of our planet. We love our trees, our forests, our streams, beaches, mountains and we want to see our future generations enjoy and explore these as much as we have.



To find out more please visit Trees that Count